Dallas Hip-Hop Dance Fest (DHDF)
Dallas Hip-hop Dance Fest - The Show



Central Standard Time



Majestic Theater
1925 Elm St
Dallas, Texas 75201

The Show is live entertainment for the entire family.  Professional and performance dance teams from across the United States will meet at the Majestic Theater in Dallas, TX on July 28th.  Some teams will be battling for the title of DHDF 2018 Champ.

Going into its 7th year, the Dallas Hip-Hop Dance Fest remains the ultimate urban dance experience in Texas, combining both top-notch dance education and entertainment, with an underground battle and crew competition.  Being the first of its kind in the Dallas area, DHDF strives to showcase the positive aspects of the hip-hop culture by highlighting its legacy as an agent of artistic progression. Showcasing growing and established talent in the South, the Dallas Hip-Hop Dance Festival is more than just an event - it is a celebration of urban artistry.